II. Who


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I’m an actordirectorwritersounddesignercomposer, chef, and theatre / religion student at Wesleyan University.

I’ve acted in several shows and directed a few. One or two shows have suffered at the hands of my sound design.

I’ve made two films worth mentioning. Learn more at reformatstudios.com.

I have several ongoing writing projects, including a musical that is either about the Spanish Civil War or addiction and time travel. I haven’t decided yet.

I believe in the power of spending hours upon hours planning and then, at the first opportunity, catapulting off on an unanticipated tangent. 

I make a mean paella. 

An Interdependent Web...

I continue to realize that artists are all connected. Here are my ties.

Crocodile Tears, ill-defined & nebulous performance group in Middletown, CT. With Gabby Baba-Conn and others.

Richard Maxwell & New York City Players, experimental theatre group known for tolerating helpless interns. My NYC debut (with Linda Mancini, Jim Fletcher, Brian Mendes, et al.)

Student Theatre Collective, ensemble based in Lewisburg, PA devoted to producing student-driven work.

Reformat Studios, formerly of Lewisburg, PA, now of the world. With Manny Rothman.

Manny Rothman, independent filmmaker extraordinaire and formidable sous chef.