II. Who

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I’m an actordirectorwritersounddesignercomposer and theatre / religion student at Wesleyan University.

I’ve acted in several shows and directed a few. One or two shows have suffered at the hands of my sound design.

I’ve made two films worth mentioning. Learn more at reformatstudios.com.

I have several ongoing writing projects, including a musical that is either about the Spanish Civil War or addiction and time travel. I haven’t decided yet.

I believe in the power of spending hours upon hours planning and then, at the first opportunity, catapulting off on an unanticipated tangent. 

I make a mean paella. 

An Interdependent Web...

I continue to realize that artists are all connected. Here are my significant ties.

Crocodile Tears, ill-defined & nebulous performance group in Middletown, CT. With Gabby Baba-Conn and others.

Richard Maxwell & New York City Players, experimental theatre group known for tolerating helpless interns. My NYC debut (with Linda Mancini, Jim Fletcher, Brian Mendes, et al.)

Eric Magnus, multimedia designer & performing artist

Student Theatre Collective, ensemble based in Lewisburg, PA devoted to producing student-driven work.

Reformat Studios, formerly of Lewisburg, PA, now of the world. With Manny Rothman.

Manny Rothman, independent filmmaker extraordinaire and formidable sous chef.