II. Schtick

I believe I am sitting at a piano here.

I made this website myself, so I’m sorry.

I’m an actordirectorwritersounddesignercomposer

  • or something like that

I also play piano and alto saxophone pretty well. Guitar and accordion are coming along

I speak English, Catalan, and Spanish

  • in more or less that order

I am a firm believer in the Oxford Comma™

Enrapturing is my favorite word

  • It is also my artistic goal

I am a student at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut

I’m a gemini and all I know about that is that it means people tend to hate us

I have two dogs. One is white, one is black

I do not like humidity

do like cherries

There is no rhyme or reason to this list

  • or little else I do
  • but that doesn’t mean that what I do isn’t thought out or intentional
  • just that I see no need to over-plan

I think that the single most important thing theatre does is galvanize us

And I think that theatre is never not collaborative

  • and it’s always theft

Now I’m rambling

Finally, “Road to Nowhere” by The Talking Heads is impeccable

Plato & Evie