III. Featured Work

A bit more about what I’ve done.

In Theatre...

The Crucible

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the experience that taught me I needed to be an actor.

I played John Proctor in The Crucible in 2015, my sophomore year of high school. It was wonderful and magical and I’m sure I was just dreadful, but the experience was everything theatre is supposed to be. 

Friday 1286
Photo: Pat Musselman

And years later, here we are…

Animal Farm

In 2017, I played the role of Boxer in a production of Animal Farm at Northwestern University’s National High School Institute Theatre Arts Division (more commonly known as Cherubs).

The production was directed by Chicago-based theatre artist George Keating, and the assistant director was Richard Lowenburg. As a “cherub,” I also studied acting, voice, and movement with Michael Osinski, Erika Haaland, and Alex Hatcher.

It was so unbelievably awesome and transformative, and it was at Cherubs where I learned that I wanted to focus on ensemble-based work that values the process over the product.


At Cherubs, I saw the play bobrauschenbergamerica by Charles Mee. It was spilling over with irrationality and collaboration and introspection and emotion and humor and texture and catharsis. I immediately knew that it was the kind of art with which I was meant to engage.

All LIFE photos: Lydia Kazakavage

The next year, a few like-minded friends and I founded a student-run theatre company called 
the Student Theatre Collective (STC). In all honesty, my motives for founding the STC were entirely self-absorbed: 
I wanted an ensemble of artists with whom I could experiment and play. 

I’m happy to say, that’s exactly what we did…

With the STC, I directed a production of Charles Mee’s LIFE in an attempt to intoxicate central Pennsylvania with the same theatrical dreamscape that had inspired me. It is my proudest work, and I am eternally grateful to the entire STC for blindly, stupidly following me into the dark and for inspiring me more than they will ever know.

With Reformat Studios...

While I consider myself a theatre artist, I keep finding myself falling into film projects. I guess I’m film-adjacent.

Reformat Studios is an independent film studio made up of my good friend and frequent collaborator Manny Rothman and me.

As Reformat Studios, we have produced commercial (for Bucknell University, Ironfront Cowork) and original narrative content.

Choose Not Randomly

We released our first featurette Choose Not Randomly in July of 2018, just before we both left for our first semesters in college. 

From the film’s IMDb page:

“A young man, immobilized by the pain of loss, is met by a familiar, yet inaccessible, presence. Though struggling to help himself, he and the presence manage to heal the wounds of others similarly pained. With the aid of music and the presence alongside him, the young man begins to learn the intrinsic importance of memory.”

To view the film, visit our website (link above).

View the trailer here:

This Fleeing Star

Reformat Studios’ next film is currently in production. It is much shorter than Choose Not Randomly, and, believe it or not, more abstract. The screenplay was described by one critic (or perhaps my father) as a “tone poem.”

As the writer and director, I am very eager to share the experimentation we’ve been doing. It is certainly a departure from our previous project and in many ways features an even more personal narrative. 

I am also very excited to announce that the film will feature two debut performances from actors 
Thea Mari and Jake Rothman.

The full film is now available for viewing on the Reformat Studios website, or on our Vimeo page.

View the teaser trailer here:

Other Stuff™...

In addition to my activities as a performer and director, I am also a sound designer and composer. Choose Not Randomly features an original score I composed, as does the earlier Reformat Studios production Muse (2016).

I am the sound designer for Second Stage Theater’s 2019 production of Bare: A Pop Opera, and I am writing original music in addition to sound designing an original Spanish-language play by Laura Pérez Maquedano. 

I also bake bread. Not for sale.


For a more detailed overview of my work experience, I will refer you to the links below.

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